The most reputed companies providing the payday loan debt consolidation services are likely to evaluate your case thoroughly before taking up your case. In the recent past, the people burdened with debts have found this way more feasible rather than going for bankruptcy. This has led to the increase in the number of such companies and consequently the competition has also grown. Some of the less experienced and more ambitious companies do not do proper case evaluation before taking up the case. Later, when they are not able to provide what they have promised, these companies begin to hoodwink the customers. The customer’s complaints against these companies are, therefore, increasing by the day. Some of the most likely complaints are:

1. Promises about the services are not given in writing. There is no documentary proof given by these companies to substantiate that they made these promises.

2. Try to collect unnecessary information: The debt consolidation payday loan companies try to intrude into and collect the confidential information like the car license number or the social security number which is not required by them.

3. Improper communication: There are also complaints against these companies that they do not provide documents to prove that they entered into communication with the creditors and what is the agreement have they reached with them. The client is kept completely oblivious of the happenings. They might even stop taking the calls from the customers making him completely helpless in knowing the status of his consolidation program.

4. Not able to check the creditors: The debt consolidation service is availed to check the harassment by the creditors. But, it has been found that these fail to achieve this objective perhaps because they do not have the leverage to stop them. There have also been cases where the lenders have gone to courts to sue the borrower even when the latter has taken to a debt consolidation program.

It becomes important, therefore, that you shall verify the credentials of the payday loan debt consolidation company. This can be checked through references and by making online searches. It is also a useful strategy to play off these companies one against the other before making any choice and then, make a considered judgment on which is the best. Also, if possible, try to ascertain how much leverage that company has with your set of lenders. This will enable you to know whether your case can be successfully handled by it or not.

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